Bluetooth/USB/FM player with recorder and mixer function

✓ Player, recorder and mixer in one device

✓ Great connectivity with audio inputs/outputs

✓ Compact size 1 U rack 19″

✓ User-friendly and intuitive

✓ Remote control and brackets for 19″ rack assembly



  • MIXPLAY-1 Bluetooth®/USB/SD/FM Player Features:
    • All-in-one audio hub with player, recorder, and mixer functions.
    • Plays, records, and mixes microphone input with music.
    • Microphone input with priority function automatically attenuates music for voice transmission or announcements.
    • Mixes microphone signal with multiple inputs or the Bluetooth player.
    • Multiple connectivity options: digital input (optical or coaxial), auxiliary inputs, and line input.
    • Various music sources: Bluetooth, USB, and radio.
    • Recorder function to record the microphone mix and other inputs.
    • Three outputs for connection to audio amplifiers, configurable as mono or stereo.
    • Equipped with a subwoofer output for connecting an active subwoofer speaker to enhance bass response.
    • Compact size, occupies only 1 U in a 19” rack and includes fixing mount for rack cabinet.
    • Provides distortion-free sound with precise playback.
  • Ideal for:
    • Small installations with music and microphone needs.
    • Shops
    • Restaurants
    • Gyms

Bluetooth/USB/FM player.
Recording function.
Microphone input mixer with auxiliary or player.
Microphone priority by signal level.
Optical or coaxial digital audio input.
Auxiliary inputs.
3 x master outputs.
Stereo/mono selector for outputs.
Output for active subwoofer.
Bass, midrange, treble and balance control.
Remote control of the player.


20-20,000 Hz


THD+N: < 0.1% @ 1 kHz


Mic >60 dB
Aux >70 dB


1 x MIC balanced Micro. Combo (XLR + 6.3 mm) connector. Signal level 30 mV RMS (-30 dBV) / 600 Ω (@ balanced and unbalanced output 1 V RMS)
2 AUX and LINE. 2 x RCA connector. Signal level: 350 mV RMS (-9 dBV) / 47K Ω (@ balanced 1 V RMS output). Signal level: 750 mV RMS (-2.5 dBV) / 47K Ω (@ unbalanced output 1 V RMS)
1 x digital audio (optical or coaxial). Connectors, TOSLINK and RCA. Priority of the optical input over the coaxial input


OUT 1 and OUT 2 unbalanced output. 2 x RCA connectors. Signal level: 1 V RMS (0 dBV), max. 6.5 V RMS (16 dBV) @ THD 1% / 1K5 Ω
OUT 3 balanced output. 2 x XLR connectors. Output level: 1 V RMS (0 dBV), max. 6.5 V RMS (16 dBV) @ THD 1% / 1K5 Ω
1 x REC. 2 x RCA connectors. Signal level. 1 V RMS (0 dBV) / 1K5 Ω
1 x Subwoofer. RCA connector. Signal level: 1 V RMS (0 dBV) / 1K5 Ω
1 x Headphones. 6.3 mm stereo connector.


Microphone priority by signal level over all other inputs, level selectable
Stereo/mono output selector for OUT 1, OUT 2 and OUT 3


Bluetooth/USB/FM player
Supported MP3, WMA and WAV files
USB recorder of the microphone mix and AUX or Line inputs (does not record digital audio input)
USB sticks of 64 GB maximum, FAT32 and NTFS format
USB flash drive autoplay, starts playback automatically in USB mode on power-up
Playback mode memory (random, repeat).


Microphone volume.
Input selector or player
Volume of AUX, LINE, DIGITAL and player inputs with balance, bass, mid and treble control
Mono/stereo selector for outputs
Player/recorder controls
GND lift ground disconnection


230/115 V AC, 7 W


433 x 45 x 155 mm depth. 1 U 19” rack


1.9 kg


Remote control of the player.
FM antenna
Power cable
Brackets for 19″ rack.